The Cakes We Have Made…

By: Inger Koppenhaver

Thanks for visiting us here at Hiding The Peas!! Click the following link for my Awesome Emmet Cake tutorial: And while you are there, make sure to check out my friend Wendy Woerner’s blog with everything from food and faith to homeschooling and author interviews!


Here are some more pictures of cakes we have tried over the past few years…

IMG_5467 IMG_5435 IMG_5137 IMG_4528 IMG_4507 IMG_4150 IMG_3160
These were the first cakes we ever made… my kids were all under 6 when we attempted these cakes.
And we started a new tradition of making a Leprechaun trap cake every March. Now, my kids know that there is no such thing as a Leprechaun but that still does not take away the fun of the hunt! This year, we added a laser trip wire and set up a camera. Honestly, I think my son is just trying to catch his parents taking away the $1 coins we use as bait.




What kinds of cake decorating have you attempted?

1950’s Cafe For Sale

Wreck It Ralph Cake ~ Half Disaster Half Triumph!

By: Inger Koppenhaver

Here is a quickie cake design for you today!! My youngest son was enthralled by the movie Wreck It Ralph for a very long time. He wanted to be just like Fix It Felix. He even went so far as dressing like him and practicing his Felix pose while holding a play hammer. So, of course, last year we made a Wreck It Ralph Cake!

The idea for the Wreck It Ralph cake came straight from the movie itself. Although I did not make each level and apartment a different flavor, my son was extremely pleased with the end result. We even remembered to add a tractor to clean up the riff raff at the front of the building.

This was definitely NOT the best cake making experience we have had! The kitchen was hot, the frosting was melting and we had not allowed the cakes to cool overnight before decorating. Oh, and we used edible paper… it was not very tasty… really… nope, not joking. One of my kids was excited I was letting him “eat” paper and then he declared, “tastes like paper”. Enough said. ūüėČ


Baking the cake…
We used three square cake pans and a chocolate cake mix. Mix and bake according to package. Allow to cool over night.

We dyed our frosting a cement grey for the building. That part turned out cool looking. But, because our kitchen was hot and our cakes were not completely cool… the frosting sagged.

Edible paper…
We used basic colors from the edible paper selection at our local mart of many discounts. I cut out each one with a scissor hoping for a sort of cartoonish look to the front of the building. I also cut out WAY too many windows thinking in my mind that this cake was going to be as tall as my son… and, it wasn’t.



Honestly, it was rather painstaking to cut out all of the little pieces. But, if you had a cricket machine, I am sure it would be quicker and more even and cooler (because Cricket machines are cool). I also cut out my son’s name… that is my favorite part. ūüôā¬† I attached the pieces together using¬†a bit of frosting as glue.¬† For the letters, I placed them upright on the top of the cake¬†using the frosting as a base.

We bought some figurines at the store and used some of our toys from around the house. Just don’t ask about the penguin or the guy with¬†a mustache. I don’t know why¬†they are¬†on there. My son told me¬†they belonged… so the penguin and mustache guy¬†stayed!

Have you ever had a cake that ended up looking “half cool”? This cake was a disaster because… well, nothing seemed to go right and just don’t ask to see pictures of the back side (ha!). But, it was a triumph because when my son saw it he yelled “WRECK IT RALPH!!!! FIX IT FELIX!!!! I LOVE IT!”

I learned an important lesson or two that day:
1. My son’s reaction to a half way droopy cake was way better than just having a perfect cake.
2. Always make the cake the day before… always.

Medora, North Dakota and The Hunt for Buffalo


By: Inger Koppenhaver

As a child, I was sure buffalo had been wiped off the face of the earth during the days of the wild west. As an adult, I discovered that not only is this untrue but in actuality, there are herds of buffalo living in preserves and ranches throughout United States; including Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma and Colorado! My first visit to Montana brought us to a Buffalo Preserve near Glacier National Park. It was truly one of the highlights of my trip. It was only topped by seeing a grizzly bear catch a fish in the water true National Geographic style right off the road in Glacier. WOW… awesome… and I stayed about one foot away from my open car door in case I needed to dive for cover!!¬† (He really was that close!)
Click here to check out the National Bison Range:

Ever since that first trip, I have been aching to see more buffalo! But, besides glimpses now and again while going through Jamestown, North Dakota, it seems as if I meet with disappointment again and again. We went to Yellowstone National Park a couple of years ago and were overjoyed with the travel videos showing “buffalo traffic jams”. But, no buffalo were seen inside of the park by our family!
Click here for some great pictures of Yellowstone National Park Buffalo:


Medora, North Dakota ~ A MUST SEE tourist town!
As part of a mother/daughter tradition we started a long time ago (okay, one year ago), we break away from our home in Montana and venture across the border into the badlands of North Dakota for an overnight trip. Medora, North Dakota is a quaint town which blossoms each summer into one of the best, little tourist attractions our area has to offer. It features a professional cowboy musical each year, history about “cowboying” in our area, Marquis de Mores (who founded the town and named it after his wife Medora) historical information and, of course, Teddy Roosevelt features prominently in the musicals and in the activities around town. Teddy Roosevelt ranched in the area around Medora and part of his original ranch is now Theodore Roosevelt National Park.¬† More info on the park can be found here:


Traveling with Kids?
Medora also has the best play area in the region, as well. If you need to stretch your legs and the kids need to run around, stop here. Grab a made from scratch ice cream cone treat and let the kids burn off some energy. I guarantee, this town will make your heart smile. At least, my heart smiles when I visit.
Old West Fort Wooden play park ~ Park Info here:

This is the part where I tell you about the Buffalo:
And guess what? For a $10 park pass, I saw a buffalo!!! No, it wasn’t a traffic jam but MAN this buffalo was super close to my car. My mom freaked out. At least, I think she did too… I was screaming “buffalo” repeatedly¬†like a little girl so loud I sort of drowned her out. I got a great picture and saw loads more buffalo. I CANNOT BELIEVE I LIVED THIS CLOSE TO LIVE BUFFALO AND NEVER WENT. The drive through the park took about an hour and you can camp there, too. Of course, my mom was nervous just getting out of the car to take a selfie… who knew where those big bison were hiding!!!



Nature ~ Up Close and Personal



Want to visit Medora and need more info:

Terry ~ A Boutique Town Filled with Western History

Great Tourist Stop in North Dakota

IMG_7047By: Inger Koppenhaver

2014 has been the year of less blogging, less technology and less writing.  And honestly, I miss writing!!  I spent a couple of years writing consistently for other sites and then decided to take a much needed break back in November.  It has been very freeing to not feel as if I need to blog about everything we are doing but I miss sharing the best parts of our fun!!

I will be on and off the blog this year as my family and I adventure this summer both with traveling and in the kitchen.  I have a few posts in mind for travel destinations too!!  And I will also be guest posting soon and showcasing a new cake design my kids and I worked on this month.


For now, here are some recent photos we took of¬†the early 1900’s Fairview Lift¬†bridge in North Dakota complete with the cavernous Cartwright tunnel to adventure in at the end.¬† It was MAGNIFICENT and definitely worth a little detour if you are anywhere near this site.¬† All of my children (and mom and dad too!) enjoyed this short trip.¬† Just imagine this spectacular bridge was built with steamboat travel in mind… was tested once…. but steamboat travel stopped shortly before the bridge was fully ready to be used.¬† All of that work, and only one test run!¬† Wow!

You can find more info on the bridge and tunnel here:



What movies really teach my kids…

By: Inger Koppenhaver

Did you ever think about all of the weird things your children learn from kid movies?

Tangled – taught my son that you don’t wear socks with boots.

Wreck it Ralph – taught my son to hit things with a hammer to fix things…. including noses.

Spirit – taught my kids to communicate like horses… sometimes loudly and sometimes loudly in the middle of the mall.

Enchanted – taught my kids about the nature of cockroaches and that one of their enemies is a bird.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Рtaught my kids that it is okay for animal tacos to eat people as long as they are mean people and you have young baby Tacos to protect.

Despicable Me – taught my son to sing the foreign language know only by minions and kids under 5.

Despicable me 2 – taught my son it is okay to to take moms Chapstick and yank the lid off only if you are yelling “lipstick taser!” at the same time.

Word World – taught my son that singing about pink underpants when you don’t know the words to twinkle twinkle little star is funny.

Lego Movie – beyond the fact that it briefly shared that Legos can have no clothes (WHA?!?) and that joking about having no pants is a great idea for a tv show, it actually inspired my boy to become a master builder so… Awesome!

Curious George – no complaints!

What sort of¬†hidden messages¬†have your children learned from kid’s shows/movies?


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